Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creatures for sale!

I've lived in my suburban neighborhood for close to, god, 4 years now? I used to have no urge to explore the center of town or check out any of the stores there mostly because I missed the city. So it stands to reason why in all this time I've never been inside Hobbs. Hobbs is a coffee/cafe type of place. Aside from being freaking adorable inside it had a shelf of locally made items. This was my chance. I talked to the very excitable man behind the counter named Salvatore and a week later I was lugging a suit case filled with three of my plush creatures to Hobbs to be sold. Woo!

The awesome sign that I wish I could take credit for made by Salvatore. 

Salvatore working behind the counter.
So if you're just dying for one of these cuties they're on sale at Hobbs Cafe in Swarthmore next to the train station. While you're there you can get some coffee, eat a sandwich, ya' know chill out.  You can also buy what looks to be home made hot sauce and jams there as well, I mean, if you're into that type of thing.


  1. THAT...is AWESOME! Kudos to you for taking the initiative! I would love to visit the place and see them up on the shelves in person :)

  2. Well you're due to come over sometimes soon so I'll def take you there!