Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hot Glued

This post might as well be known as my ode to the hot glue gun, as it was the main tool I used in this project.     I also got to use a hammer and nails which I always like because hammering things together is fun and makes me feel like whatever I'm making is a little more sturdy, but mostly I like hammering things.

I picked up a cigar box at a tobacco store recently and was immediately excited to turn it into a jewelry bow and re-decorate it. The exciting life I lead. Cigar boxes come in all shapes and sizes, some of which already have cool designs. The one I picked up wasn't too impressive so I covered the top with some gold fabric I had left over and stuffed it to make it have a padded top.

Yes that's me in the arms of Malcolm McDowell. 

So fluffy you could sleep on it.
On the bottom of the box.

I own a lot of strange pins. 

I ironed down the edges of the fabric to act as a hem and then after hot gluing that down I hot glued a trim around the edge so that it looked more finished. I nailed down the edged and tacked down the center of the top to make it look like a pillow. Then I hot glued the panel of fabric inside. After all that I only burnt myself one time!

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