Monday, August 20, 2012

How Kafkaesque

My very good friend Becka Cohen came over last week. She too, is a crafter as well as an artist. Along with a lot of other things, she makes rugs and seat covers by wrapping yarn over plastic bags, creating a spiral effect. Here's one she gave to me a awhile back. MARVEL AT IT.

Keeps your buns happy and comfy.
So in the spirit of giving I made her a little present. Like most things, I started this  awhile ago and stopped after pricking my fingers one too many times. Once she was over, though,  I figured might as well finish it for her.

One of the things me and my buddy have in common is that we both like terribly tragic books. In high school we were all about Franz Kafka's the Metamorphosis. We also we really into sitting in a taco bell for hours with friends and trying to win a free taco by dropping coins into a water jug. Memories.

Any way this is what I made for her:

If you're not familiar with the book, the line above the bug is the first line from the Metamorphosis. Also if you don't recognize the line you should read the book and start getting into some existential shit. Impress your friends with your new morose outlook on life! Any way what's great about having creative friends is that you get to have some of what they make so hopefully me and Ms. Beckalaroo will continue trading cool stuff back and forth. HINT HINT BECK. 

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