Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bug Bites

Ah summer, a time of hot summer days and cool summer nights, both filled with bugs. I've always been one of those people who attract bugs like a magnet. One night out for me means a million little bug bites for my legs. So in keeping with summer, crafting and complaining. I thought I'd post a project I did awhile ago using copper wire and beads. Sadly, the majority of these were either sold or given away, but here are two that I was able to hold onto.

Little beetle attached to a hair comb

my large beetle pin

Like most of the things I make I started and then stopped abruptly. I went through one of my periods of furious work, twisting wire and pricking my finger (it seems even these bugs bite me). When I had made around 20, I stopped and haven't made a wire bug since. At least I have these two as a reminder of some of strange projects I get involved with. 

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