Saturday, August 11, 2012

Setting Up Shop

As you may or may not know, besides constantly crafting and writing about it, I run a small vintage shop on Etsy. The shop is called Theda Vintage after the 1930s sex symbol Theda Bara. Having the shop puts some extra money in my wallet while allowing me to compulsively buy beautiful stuff despite their size. Win-win.

I've had the store for over a year now and all the stock is starting to take up space in places all over my house, one of them being my mother's extra closet.  Maybe that's why she was inspired to move it all to our small spare room. It's like having my own little store inside my house.  We rearranged what little furniture was in there and hung up some pieces and voila! The cutest room in our house and there is still so much stuff left to put in there. Here are some pictures of  how it looks. 

Setting up this cute even though no but us is going to see it. 

Corner de los shoes. 

This is a vintage table cloth we hung on the window. 

I love going into the room and pretending that it's really my store. I used to the same thing as a kid but with a big cardboard box and let you tell me, this time around it's much more satisfying. If there was anything you saw that you think you'd like feel free to check out the shop

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