Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jewelry Making: Another furious phase of crafting

I have the tendency to exhaust a hobby quickly. Once I settle on a project I work on it almost constantly, only stopping to pee and eat. Then, once I've created a few pieces in that medium, I stop. And then never do it again. Such is the case with my newest obsession : Jewelry making.

Long story short; I had some crystals. In a giant bowl in the jewelry counter at Goodwill was a pile of stones and crystals. It was as if a life long collector threw his hands up in the air one day and said "THAT'S IT. I'M SICK OF THIS ROCK SHIT!"  Well their trash is my supplies. Using Aluminum wire and leather laces I turned my impulsive and thoroughly satisfying purchase into pendants.





On that back of each pendant is a metal loop through which one could put a chain. So there you have it, another furious wave of productivity to no end now to be followed with a long period of idling around.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dog Crap

OH MY MY. It has been months since I last posted. Not the best way to keep readers, I know, but I have the mother of all excuses; I got a puppy. I'm a first time dog owner and it's been a dream come true, kinda. I have wanted a dog since I was three and twenty years later of pleading I finally got one. Her name is Hattie and she's a precious pup that takes up every single second of my life when I'm not at work. So crafting hasn't been an option. I've been able to pawn her off on my mother for an hour or two so I have been able to sew a couple things up....for the dog.

Okay so if I'm going to have to look at her cage I figured I would at least make it pretty. 
 I figure that heat rises so this keeps her warm right?

 Okay so she wouldn't stay still but I made her this wittle coat.

So there you have it. I HAVE done some stuff but you know all crazy dog obsessed type of things.

Friday, January 25, 2013

XO Mom

One of the cooler things about my mother (other than giving me life) is that she loves to stay current with music. She likes to listen to what I listen to and when I got into Elliott Smith she fell madly in love. One year later she got an XO tattoo on her wrist for her favorite album.  So this Christmas I wanted to make her something that had some of his lyrics on it.

Well I started it ....and finished it like yesterday. Here is it!

If you've never heard the song, shame on you. 
Listen to it now. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Going Buggy!

Ah!  This post is so late overdue, that the children have already received their stuffed animals made for them and really liked them! Except the child who got the puppysaur; apparently he played with it for a minute and then could not care any less about it. I guess a little boy of three cannot be blamed for his attention span, but still I have the urge to find him, take back the toy and then stick my tongue out at him. Oh well!

This post is for the stuffed animal I made for a two year old girl. I finished it two days before Christmas because, as I've previously mentioned, I waited too long and have only myself to blame. Somewhere I thought in the back of my head that a shorter deadline would make me work faster. It did not.

So for the two year old I made her her very own lady bug. Can you dig it?

I did the belly first by sewing two pieces together and stuffing them just a little so when I made the lines on the abdomen it looked like a bug belly. I'm sure the little girl appreciated the realism. I used paint on the eyes so there were no choking hazards and glued the mouth on since it was too thin to sew and like I said I only had two days. 

This project's done but lord help me there will be more to come!