Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mew Mew the Blue Winged Kitty Cat

The title of this blog is supposed to be a play on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The fact that I'm explaining that to you readers is testimonial to how threadbare the reference is. THEY CAN'T ALL BE WINNERS!

This is the third plush I made for my aunt's order for Christmas and it's another hybrid animal. This one is for a little girl and luckily for her, I didn't prick my fingers while making it so there's no blood on it! yay! Blood free toys.

I'm a little off today. Can you tell? Oh well.

Meow meow, I can fly.

One of the limitations I had on making these toys is that there couldn't be any buttons in case one of the kids gnawed it off and tried to eat it. So for the eyes I used fabric paint and for the nose and cheeks I used fabric glue. Using new materials was fun especially since they made things go by a little faster. 

Okay well just finished the other toy as well so keep your eyes peeled! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Monster Undertaking

I mentioned a while back (in this post) that my aunt had asked me to make her four plushes. At the time I was working as a part time secretary with ample time on my hands to do whatever. That lucky, lazy, in the past me. I now have a full time job at a school so I've really let this project drag on. To date I have three finished and with only a week left to finish the last one. Damn it, even typing that is making me panic. ANYWAY the second one I did was also for a little boy, though a bit older than the child getting the Puppy-saur.
Who wants a hug? 
Bring it in, bro. 

This is the hug monster. He's shaped like a pillow and a darn soft. His big arms are great for giving a monster hug or for smacking around any bad monsters you might have lurking under your bed. Once again, I hope this kid likes this. It's hard to make things for children I've only met once before. The next set is for two girls as soon as the fabric paint dries on the one I'll have it up. 

Why did I take on this many projects? I still have two other gifts to make for people. Am I insane? I'm insane. I'm tired and insane!