Sunday, September 9, 2012

Puppysaurus Rex!

At some point this year my Aunt Linda asked me to make her 4 stuffed animals for her 4 young great nephews and nieces. Having a recipient in mind always helps inspire what I make. Nothing can help you get your ideas off the ground than imaging how to make someone else love your product. So what could I make to make these little kids squeal with joy?

Like my Snail Pig I started this project with another animal mash-up. For the first little boy I combined the cute fuzziness of a puppy with the terrifying awesomeness of a T-Rex. Meet the puppysaur!

He's a little top heavy.

Razor sharp plushy fangs

I hope when the time comes, this kid loves Puppysaur and that all my stitching can survive a 3 year old dragging it around by one of his little ineffectual arms. Eventually I would like to get a small dog tag saying "rex" to go on the his collar but one of the hindrances in this project has been not adding any elements a child could potentially kill itself with so no metal tag or choke-able button eyes. But that doesn't mean this hybrid won't be able to chase away a bad dream or a, I don't even know what other toys kids play with anymore!

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