Friday, March 29, 2013

Dog Crap

OH MY MY. It has been months since I last posted. Not the best way to keep readers, I know, but I have the mother of all excuses; I got a puppy. I'm a first time dog owner and it's been a dream come true, kinda. I have wanted a dog since I was three and twenty years later of pleading I finally got one. Her name is Hattie and she's a precious pup that takes up every single second of my life when I'm not at work. So crafting hasn't been an option. I've been able to pawn her off on my mother for an hour or two so I have been able to sew a couple things up....for the dog.

Okay so if I'm going to have to look at her cage I figured I would at least make it pretty. 
 I figure that heat rises so this keeps her warm right?

 Okay so she wouldn't stay still but I made her this wittle coat.

So there you have it. I HAVE done some stuff but you know all crazy dog obsessed type of things.