Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jewelry Making: Another furious phase of crafting

I have the tendency to exhaust a hobby quickly. Once I settle on a project I work on it almost constantly, only stopping to pee and eat. Then, once I've created a few pieces in that medium, I stop. And then never do it again. Such is the case with my newest obsession : Jewelry making.

Long story short; I had some crystals. In a giant bowl in the jewelry counter at Goodwill was a pile of stones and crystals. It was as if a life long collector threw his hands up in the air one day and said "THAT'S IT. I'M SICK OF THIS ROCK SHIT!"  Well their trash is my supplies. Using Aluminum wire and leather laces I turned my impulsive and thoroughly satisfying purchase into pendants.





On that back of each pendant is a metal loop through which one could put a chain. So there you have it, another furious wave of productivity to no end now to be followed with a long period of idling around.

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