Thursday, January 3, 2013

Going Buggy!

Ah!  This post is so late overdue, that the children have already received their stuffed animals made for them and really liked them! Except the child who got the puppysaur; apparently he played with it for a minute and then could not care any less about it. I guess a little boy of three cannot be blamed for his attention span, but still I have the urge to find him, take back the toy and then stick my tongue out at him. Oh well!

This post is for the stuffed animal I made for a two year old girl. I finished it two days before Christmas because, as I've previously mentioned, I waited too long and have only myself to blame. Somewhere I thought in the back of my head that a shorter deadline would make me work faster. It did not.

So for the two year old I made her her very own lady bug. Can you dig it?

I did the belly first by sewing two pieces together and stuffing them just a little so when I made the lines on the abdomen it looked like a bug belly. I'm sure the little girl appreciated the realism. I used paint on the eyes so there were no choking hazards and glued the mouth on since it was too thin to sew and like I said I only had two days. 

This project's done but lord help me there will be more to come! 

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