Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watch Out, It's Poisonous

As you may know, I have an affinity for plants. I mentioned previously that I have a small garden in the yard that I obsessively tend to. In it are tomatoes, string beans and other not so exciting (but none the less tasty) vegetables. Some more exotic plants look sexy and dangerous, that's what inspired this next piece. This figurine was once holding a very boring and awkwardly placed vase. I mean really, who just holds a vase. So, I've replaced it with something a little more little shop of horrors. 

What's wonderful about this fop is that he looks like he's holding the plant so naturally. He's a rather fancy character and so I hoped that the vines would look like more adornment to his already gauche outfit. The plant would most likely feed on evil human blood as large plants are wont to do and the vines, were they real, would most likely end up choking this dashing fellow. 

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