Monday, June 25, 2012

Treasure Hunting

A lot of the stuff I end up re-vamping or crafting with I find at my local Goodwill.  I live right around the corner from one so I spend a nice chunk of my time picking through other people's stuff/ treasure hunting. There's usually a lot of great stuff to be found as well as a lot of weird things. One summer when I was a cashier at Goodwill, someone donated a prosthetic leg. Raises a few questions doesn't it? 

Anyway, I've found a plethora of great materials in thrift stores including the figurine from my mutant army. Here's some other things I've made using second hand shop finds.

A wreath made from a plain straw circle wreath.

The base of this wreath I found at goodwill. I wrapped the wreath with ribbon, fired up the hot glue gun and stuck on a bunch of fake flowers on to make this. 

Another thing I made from a goodwill find is my earring holder: 
I also have some pretty sweet earring.

Screen staple gunned to a frame. 
For this all I needed to do was staple gun on a metal grate I got at the Home Depot to a nice frame I found. There are always old wreaths and frames at thrift stores just ripe for messin' with. Or Figurines of furniture that just needs a new coat of paint. Some see junk, I see potential. So yeah, maybe one day my house will be so stuffed with crafts and stuff that I can't get out of bed but until that day I'm going to be under the impression I'm being productive.

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