Friday, June 8, 2012

Shapes and Mis-Shapes

Plushes are always a challenge. I love to make different creatures, most of which are inspired by illustrations by Anthony Briglia, but my hate for measuring and taking my time is directly in conflict with having them turn out "perfect." So through trial and error I'm able to find out how to make certain shapes by cutting out different shapes and sewing them together. The first creature I made is comprised of four main shapes and was a great learning experience. Meet the Ele-fly:

His little tongue and smile. 
I like fluffy butts and I cannot lie! 
Slightly risque pose. 
If look closely you can see all the seams on this one so it took a lot of shapes to make uh... more shapes. Now granted this is the first one I made with so many parts put together so it's head is a wee bit off center and maybe one foot is bigger than the other but all in all I'm proud of what I was able to make by just eyeballin' it like the professionals. Measure never and cut as many times as it takes you!

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  1. I love him but for some reason I want his tongue to be purple also :)