Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mutant Porcelain!

Sometimes I'll see something so beautiful or interesting that I've just got to try to recreate it myself. This was the case when I saw the porcelain pieces that Jessica Harrison had done. They were both macabre and beautiful, meshing the delicacy of porcelain with the blood and gore of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Right up my weird and twisted alley! And so I began to be on the look out for figures that I could perhaps try to change with Scupley. Finally I found a ballerina that played swan lake and spun. The little old woman in me said "put her in a china cabinet and don't let little kids touch it" the 22 year old me said "put lobster claws on it."
Tell the truth, she still looks graceful.

Now I'm fully aware that this ballerina is no where near the quality of Jessica Harrison's amazing pieces but it's was extremely fun to do. And in the end she did end up in my china cabinet so it was a win win for me. After doing this one I really wanted to do another one. One mutant is never enough, you need at least a gruesome twosome, so that's where the tentacle maiden came in. 

Geese are never to be trusted

As you can see with this one she's got a octopus tentacle arm and is feeding her little companion tiny eyeballs. I'm not sure how many I'll do in this series. Perhaps it'll just continue as I find the best figures to mutate or at least until my family is sick of getting them as presents. Either way I'd have to say they turned out pretty cool and they make my mother laugh when I show them to her. 

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