Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thread and Jellyfish

In my first post in this blog I talked about how I hoped that blogging about certain things I was making would   act as an incentive to finish old projects. One craft I had long abandoned after finishing a substantial piece was my embroidering of a jellyfish on a bread cloth. After finishing the first and largest jelly fish I didn't know where to take the piece. I tried adding seaweed but they looked more like undersea boogers. Well a week and a half ago I picked up the project again and am happy to say that now it feels finished.

I'm not the best at embroidery, things don't look as clean as they could but making a picture of of colorful thread was something I wanted to try. I love when I see masterful embroidery on vintage clothing and after doing this I have even more appreciation for it. 

So there you have it. My first embroidery project completed, though I'm not sure I'll do another one. Do you know how many times I pricked my fingers making this? Let's just say I wouldn't rule out there being any blood somewhere absorbed into the cloth. 

After our bathroom is being done redecorated I'll probably frame these guys and hang them out and look at them every time I take a bath or brush my teeth. 

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