Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ogre Anthony

The very first plush I made was inspired by something fairly important to me, artist Anthony Briglia (who happens to be my boyfriend, but whatever.) Mr. Briglia has a very distinct look about him, in some ways he's already a cartoon version of himself, so it was easy to make a plush based off his lovely mug. And as a bonus, he didn't think it was creepy that I made a large doll version of him.
The Handsome Devil sitting on my messy bed.

Ogre Belly Button! 

He gives great hugs.
Ogre Anthony, as I call him, was such  a fun learning experience. For awhile I was constantly adding to him to make him look more and more like the original Anthony. I gave him big cheeks, two rows of yarn hair and perfected his nose. He's a perfect pillow to cuddle with and his arms are floppy enough to throw over your shoulders. Granted real Anthony has legs and a natural skin tone, but here. You tell me you don't see a resemblance!

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