Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The funny thing about depression, if there is a truly "funny" thing about it, is that you know there are a million things you could be doing to feel less down in the dumps and yet you prefer to sit on the couch watching Adventure Time thinking "Princess Bubble Gum is kind of a bitch!" Any way, over the last week I felt sorta blue, not for any real reason,  but just because I was due for a bout of pouty grumpiness. Because of this period of the mopes I hadn't had the mental energy to make anything and so this blog suffered. I apologize and as an "I'm sorry" here is a picture of a small needle work pig.

If you can't tell I think pigs are really cute.
I've improved upon whatever technique I had used to make the Jelly Fish piece I made. I was able to do this fairly quickly, say within the span of an hour. So naturally I made another one.

Blub blub, I'm happy to be alive. 
Making these makes me feel like a printer. Line by line, tiny little X by X the picture went together. I really liked doing these. They were simple and fun, so naturally I then made one that made me not want to make anymore.

"Blargh I have nothing to do with the previous cute animals" 

Those snakes were a real pain.

As soon as a buy more thread, as all of these were made from the colors I left over, and pick up more fabric I'll probably do some more animals. Maybe a hippo. A hippo would be cute. Hope you enjoyed these little babies.

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