Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I briefly mentioned in my last post that from time to time I like to make plush monsters. I've made three now and today I started on my fourth. Like the other's this one's imagining was helped in part by illustrator Anthony Briglia, who is also my boyfriend but whatever.

Here is the shape I made today:

It looks like ...nothing really other than a big blob. But! After tossing it back and forth and saying things like "it looks like a pig" or " which end is supposed to be the front?" Monsieur Briglia has the great idea of combining my two favorite animals; pigs and snails. Pigsnail. Snailpig. Pnail. Snig....? Yeah, okay, I'm done sorry. Here's the sketches he did for me: 
I use Anthony's sketches as a jumping off point so that I make things as they come. I know the snail pig looks like nothing, and a not very impressive nothing but that's how they all start and then they turn into something cool. I'll keep you posted on snail pig as well as show you some more finished projects. Ta ta for now! 

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