Friday, May 25, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Though technically not a craft, gardening is something that can give you the same sense of satisfaction that you get when you make something. I like the feeling of tending to something and watching it thrive. Unless they start dying in which case I get really bummed out. But! so far so good this year. I'm growing tomato plants, basil, beets and string beans this year and pretending to be Thoreau at Walden Pond every chance I get.


Growing basil from seeds is some slow going.

And perhaps it's because I grew up around Roman Catholics but I don't think a back yard is complete without a religious statue. Mine is a Statue of Mary. I found her in the Goodwill around the corner from my house. Before I re-did her paint job she has the creepiest eyes painted right below where they should have been. I would hope you find her new look an improvement.

Holy Mary Mother of Basil.

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