Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Hands, Big Projects

About two years ago I was under the impression that my hands were my least attractive trait. They're small, and chubby and always getting nicked, pricked and scraped up. It's strange to think that there was a time I didn't see their value. Small and chubby as they may be, they're power houses of crafts. They're great at stitching, painting and honestly any small detail work there is. All this creative power in these tiny squishy hands, who would have thought?

Over time I've tried any and all crafts I could think of to test myself and keep my wee digits busy. These crafts include Origami:


Plush Animal Making:

And whatever the hell you would call putting claws on a ballerina music box:

Most of the time I will become obsessed with one form of creating and then never do it ever again. This blog is to work as a inspiration to keep going and keep making and finish the things I start as well as keep me writing.  So stick with me babies, cause these little hands have got some big projects in mind!

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